At Everett’s Fusions, we have a heartfelt desire to see people creating simple, healthy, and delicious food experiences for themselves, their families, and friends. Home cooked meals can be far more satisfying than prepared foods. We like to think it’s because they’re created with love.

Everett loves to cook. It started with his family who were always experimenting in the kitchen. This love of experimentation stayed with him as he went on to become a scientist, musician, and artist. When he moved to Northern California, his garden grew so abundant with herbs and fruit, he started dehydrating and blending and was surprised by how much more aromatic and flavorful they were than anything he could find in a grocery store.

That sparked an idea that became Everett’s Fusions! We find the very best organic ingredients and deliver them to retain their intense aroma, color, and flavor. We work with growing partners who are fair trade and consistently test for organic quality. Our packaging is minimal, airtight and resealable, making sure your purchase arrives in your kitchen as fresh as it can possibly be.

“In my mind, people are inherently creative and can decide for themselves which flavors to experience in their own creations. My vision is for these Fusions to become new colors in your palette as you explore your own cuisine.”
~ Everett

Everett's Garden for Everetts Fusions

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