Everetts Fusions Vodka Infusion


Spirit Infusions

dietary profile: Contains Alcohol

Here’s a way to dial up your signature cocktails and wow your guests with the herb, floral or citrus essence in each of Everett’s Fusions. Creating unique spirit infusions can be a new take on classic cocktails like Gin and Tonic, Bloody Marys, Manhattans or whatever your favorite may be.


Makes 8 1 oz servings

1 Tbsp Everett’s Fusions - Lavender Thyme, Chipotle Lime, or your choice
1 tea ball or fillable tea bag
1 cup of vodka of other spirit of your choice


  1. Put the Fusion into a tea ball or fillable tea bag.
  2. Place the tea in its container and the spirit in a sealable container and allow it to infuse overnight.
  3. Lift the tea from the infused spirit and press any remaining liquid back into the container.
  4. Pour the infusion through a coffee filter to remove any sediment.

For ideas on how to use our Spirit Infusion, see our recipes for Lavender Thyme Gin and Tonic and Chipotle Lime Bloody Mary.

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